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    Disclaimer: The following story is not connected with the Star Wars franchise, or its creator, George Lucas and does not represent the characters, writers or producers of set franchise.

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    Star Wars: The Restricted Files Part 10 – Breaking The Slave Ring Part 3

    by Avatrek (avatrek@hotmail.com)

    Mara Jade Skywalker and Leia Organa Solo were in serious trouble; their plan to infiltrate the slave ring on the edge of Hutt Space was not going very well. Both Leia and Mara had to first audition for a slaver Captain on the ship they were being transported on. Fucked like a couple of common whores, the two Jedi infiltrators had done unspeakable things to garner the favour of the Captain and secure their transportation to the space station they were seeking and their sale at the auction which was to take transport to their desired destination. Their plan was to play the part of slave girls and hopefully during their sale, find out who was running the slave ring. It would then be up to both Mara and Leia to arrest the offender and transport him back to the New Republic and certain incarceration. Decked out in a gold bikini she had once wore while a prisoner of Jabba the Hutt, Leia, along with her close friend and sister-in-law, Mara, waited in their tiny dingy cell aboard the transport ship for their arrival to the space station.

    “Just remember Mara, my name is Lelila, just in case you need to call for me.” Leia told Mara as her friend wiped off the cum that had recently been plastered on her tight stomach during her tryout with Captain Chaff. Mara quickly redressed herself in her tight white leather bikini that had been unceremoniously discarded before she had gotten down to business with the Captain.

    “You still have cum in your hair, Lelila.” Mara joked, as she slipped on her bikini bottoms and covered up her luscious firm tits with her white leather top.

    “Yeah… I know… sexporn His cum just got everywhere.” Leia sighed, trying to clean off any cum she could from her long braided hair.

    “I know… But you have to admit… It did feel pretty good!” Mara laughed as she took a seat beside the worn out Leia and closed her eyes to regain a little bit of her lost energy. She knew she was going to need it by the time the mission finally ended and she also knew that she’d have to both shake her ass and fuck her way to the top of the criminal organization she was hoping to bring down.

    “Yeah… Han hasn’t fucked me like that for years.” Leia sighed, both disappointed that she and Han hadn’t had any passionate sex for so long and the fact that she felt guilty for fucking some random man, all for the sake of a mission. But Leia knew the mission she was now on was more important than some unimportant meaningless sex.

    “I can’t say the same thing about your brother.” Mara replied with a certain brightness in her eye as she remembered the last time she and Luke had made love and how many times he had made her cum.

    “I bet.” Leia responded with a smirk.

    “What?” Mara asked with confusion before their cell door was swung wide open and four Gamorrean guards ushered them out of their cell and towards the docking bay. They were soon chained to each other with shackles and led out onto a very large and busy looking docking platform. The space station they had been brought to was obviously both new and extremely large to be able to accommodate both the ship they had been brought on and about a hundred other slaver ships that were docked inside the station as well.

    “Holy Fuck! This station must be huge!” Leia exclaimed to Mara, looking bewildered at how such a large space station could be built right on the edge of New Republic space without her or the Senate knowing about it. In truth however, the galaxy was both vast and largely unexplored; a massive space station in the middle of nowhere was an insignificant needle in a stack of needles.

    “What did you mean by what you said about Luke?” Mara asked Leia as they were led off the docking bay and towards one of the main halls. She was still obviously confused about what Leia was referring to when she replied with “I bet”.

    “Nothing… It’s just he’s the Jedi Master… You know… He’s the best at everything” Leia lied to Mara. Leia had many deep dark secrets about her younger teenage years and especially when she first met both Han and Luke. It was better that those secrets actually remain secret so that no feelings were hurt.

    “Oh… Okay.” Mara said, letting it go as the four guards brought them into the massive auction hall, where over a thousand interested buyers were waiting to see what they could get for as few credits as possible.

    “Shut up you two!” one of the Gamorrean guards grunted at them. Mara and Leia scanned the stage where over a hundred girls were being brought on stage and shown off before the main auction was to begin. Obviously the hall they were now in was the auction which mainly dealt with the sale of slave girls. There must have been half a dozen other auction halls across the station, all selling scared, innocent and unfortunate slaves to the highest bidders.

    “This station was obviously built for more than just slave trading Leia… It’s big enough to house a whole lot of other illegal criminal activities as well!” Mara said to Leia as they were led on stage in front of everyone. All the women that were on stage, looked gorgeous in their skimpy clothing but they also both downtrodden and devoid of any sense of sexuality. They were obviously not there by choice like Leia and Mara were.

    “I have an idea Leia… Just follow my lead!” Mara told Leia as they got onto to the auction stage and followed the women in front of them to the front. Mara led Leia out in front of the other dejected slave girls so they were the centre attention for everyone in the hall. Mara gave Leia a little smirk before grabbing her by the waist, turning her around, bending her over and forcing Leia to shake her fine ass while she gave her a nice hard spanking. The prospective buyers in the crowd applauded with zeal as they watched the beautiful, toned and sexy redheaded slave girl spank the luscious ass of an equally gorgeous brunette slave girl.

    “Woooooo! Look at the ass on that one!” shouted a few of the hornier men in the crowd as they watched the two women really give a good show. Leia played along and before long she had Mara turned around on all fours getting a nice hard spanking as well. The crowd was cheering and whistling so loud that the auction stage Leia and Mara were standing on started to shake.

    “Why the fuck are we doing this Mara? Leia shouted at Mara over the noise as both she and Mara started shaking their asses together.

    “The way I see it, with all we’re doing, only the wealthiest men will be able to buy us, and the wealthier they are, the more connections they’ll have around here.” Mara said wisely as the crowd started to die down and they were led back into line to wait until the auction began.

    “That was smart… Only the wealthiest will have the connections we need to bring this thing down.” Leia whispered back to Mara. Like it was almost everywhere else in the galaxy, the more money you had, the more connections you had to have, especially when it came to criminal activities like slaving. If Mara and Leia could garner the most credits of any slave girl at the auction, they’d be assured a way into discovering who ran the space station and the slave ring that they were there to stop. The auction began with the first forty or so girls going for anything from a few hundred credits to a few thousand, but nothing very substantial. When Mara took centre stage and the auctioneer started the bidding, the price of buying the redheaded slut started much higher than any girl that had preceded her. By the end of the screaming and shouting of bids that got only higher and higher, Mara was finally sold to a tall dark masked man at the back of the hall for an astounding ninety-five thousand credits. There were a number of shouts of anger from prospective buyers who had failed to purchase the beautiful redhead, but their cries of outrage were soon silenced by even more cheers of happiness as Leia was brought out front for the next round of bidding. Whether the men in the crowd were more attracted to Leia or they were just ramped up from missing out from buying Mara, the final selling price of the brunette goddess ended up at just over a hundred-thousand credits. What shocked Leia and probably angered everyone else in the hall was the fact that the same man that had bought Mara had also bought Leia.

    “Who the hell bought both of us…? He must have connections if he can spend almost two-hundred thousand credits on two slave girls!” Mara said to Leia as the two women were led out of the auction hall and back towards the docking bay.

    Little did Mara and Leia know, their mysterious buyer was none other than their good friend, Lando Calrissian, who had come to the space station, under disguise, to investigate the slave ring and find the Dubrillion miners that had been abducted in recent months. After his wife, Tendra Risant pleaded with Lando to investigate the whereabouts of some close friends of theirs, Lando had followed leads all the way from his home on Dubrillion to the edge of Hutt Space, where he finally found the slave ring that had abducted them. Under the cover of an elaborate mask that also aided in altering his voice, Lando had even painted the Lady Luck a new colour, faked a new identity and bought his way into the station. Using both credits and his undeniable charm, Lando was able to learn almost everything about the slave ring, who was in charge and where his friends were located. But before he could chase down the Dubrillion miners and who they had been sold to, he walked into a most curious sight. Although he was on the other side of a vast auction hall and the crowd was going bananas, Lando was very pleased to see two of his best and oldest friends, Leia Organa Solo and Mara Jade Skywalker, shaking their asses like a couple of whores in front of everyone. Clearly, the two Jedi women were on the station doing the same thing as Lando, and he knew he probably should help them out, but he also knew that this was the perfect opportunity to have some fun. Thinking on his feet and wanting to have a little entertainment while he could, Lando paid a ridiculous sum of money to buy both Jedi women. He knew he’d have to release them eventually, but two hundred thousand credits for Lando was nothing and if he could have a little fun with two of the hottest women in the galaxy while his wife thought he was doing her a favour, he knew he had to do it. Luckily, Lando had a strong enough mind that he would be able to keep his identity safe from both Mara and Leia’s Jedi skills.

    Mara and Leia were led on board a very familiar looking ship where their new owner was sitting very comfortably in his luxurious quarters. Lando didn’t have a crew, so after the Gamorrean guards dropped them off in his quarters, there were no guards or personnel to keep the Jedi women in line. They did have their chains and shackles on, but if they wanted to break out of them, they certainly could. Lando had that covered though; with his blaster drawn and pointed at them, Lando walked over to them and put two bracelets around their around their wrists.

    “With those on, if you even think about disobeying any of my orders, you’ll be shocked immediately.” Lando said in a distorted voice. Both Mara and Leia looked at each other in confusion and after Lando unlocked their shackles and returned to his seat, both women felt a jolt run through their arms and down their spines, dropping them to the floor in an instant. “That’s just to show you what’ll happen if you try anything at all.”

    “This guy means business Leia… But I’m pretty sure we can get out of these bracelets pretty easily.” Mara whispered to Leia as they kneeled in front of their mysterious buyer, feigning pain.

    “We need to get that information before we make our escape though.” Leia replied.

    “I’m sure our Jedi mind tricks will work on this guy.” Mara responded before standing back up and looking at the man sitting before them with his face hidden behind an odd looking mask. “Who runs this slave ring?” Mara said forcefully, using all her Jedi mind tricks to try and influence him.

    “What…? Who do you think you are…? Some kind of Jedi” Lando laughed in his augmented voice, knowing that both Mara and Leia were actually Jedi and if they really wanted to, could snap his neck like a twig. “Why do you want to find out?” Lando continued, suddenly struck by a brilliant idea. If Lando could somehow bribe his two hot Jedi friends into having sex with him and then giving them all the information they needed to bring down the entire slave ring, Lando wouldn’t have to do a single thing except get his rocks off with two of the hottest women in the galaxy and report back to his wife that he had dealt with everything.

    “Jedi…? Preposterous! We’re just trying to infiltrate the slave ring to find our friends” Leia lied unconvincingly to Lando as she looked over at Mara with an uncertain expression on her face.

    “Tell you what ladies… If you do just one little thing for me, I’ll give you all the information you need and take off those pesky little bracelets, free of charge.” Lando replied with a smirk.

    “Ten credits I know what he wants in exchange.” Mara whispered to Leia, slowly reaching behind her back to unhook her tight white leather bra again.

    “That’s right baby… You know what I’m talking about.” Lando said as he got comfortable in his plush chair. “First… I want both of you to undress slowly and start kissing each other.”

    Mara and Leia looked at the mysterious masked man in front of them in confusion, realising they would actually have to fuck each other for his amusement.

    You can do this Leia… Just pretend you’re kissing Han, Leia thought as she slowly undressed along with Mara to appease the man in front of her, who was massaging his stiffening cock while he watched.

    Lando was mesmerised at how amazing Leia and Mara looked for two women in their forties. His wife Tendra still had a nice body for her age but he couldn’t believe what he was seeing as his two good friends starting to make out right in front of him. Five minutes later, after Lando’s cock had grown to its full nine inches, he finally decided that Mara and Leia needed to do one last thing for him before he joined the fray.

    “Okay girls… Now I need you to get on the floor and lick each others” pussies at the same time!” Lando said, pulling down his pants to reveal his hard nine inch black cock.

    “HOLY FUCK!” Mara said to herself, before catching herself and looking over at a similarly stunned looking Leia. She shrugged her shoulders and proceeded to get onto the cold floor. “Come on Leia… For the mission.” Mara reminded a reluctant Leia, pulling her down onto the floor before turning in the opposite direction to lick her pussy. In truth, Mara had been looking forward to an opportunity to taste Leia’s hot little snatch, ever since she had gotten fucked by the deranged Captain Chaff aboard the slaver ship.

    “Mmmmm… Mara!” Leia groaned as she felt Mara’s long wet tongue penetrate her delicate pussy and stimulate her sensitive clit. Not wanting to disappoint Mara or fail her important mission, Leia again let her inner-slut loose and began licking Mara’s tasty twat.

    “This is great… I guess I could join you two now!” Lando said in excitement as he got off his plush chair and dropped down to his knees, where he lined his stiff nine inch shaft up with Mara’s heavenly shaved pussy. Leia, too busy enjoying the great taste of one of her closest friend’s pussy, didn’t even notice what Lando was doing until she caught sight of his nine inch black shaft push its way past her tongue and into Mara’s tight slit.

    “Ummmmm… UNGHHH” Mara cried, lifting her head up from Leia’s beautiful snatch to groan in pain as Lando’s thick cock penetrated her so deeply. Before Mara could look back and give her new partner a sexy little wink, she felt his strong hands grip her toned waist and use it as extra leverage to slam even more of his hard shaft into her. Leia looked up in interest as some of Mara’s warm tasty juices dripped down onto her chin. Without even thinking, she stuck out her tongue and slid it back and forth over Lando’s shaft while he started moving in and out of Mara’s snatch faster and harder.

    “How do like it baby!” Lando groaned as the tightness of Mara’s beautiful pussy started to overwhelm him in seconds.

    “Oh God Leia… You’ve gotta try this… It feels so…Familiar?” Mara groaned, trying her hardest to remember when she had felt such a hot shaft pounding her pussy so well.

    “There is no try… Do or do not” Leia replied with a giggle as her tongue massaged both Lando’s cock and Mara’s convulsing pussy. Shortly after Mara screamed out in orgasm and a small trickle of her sticky nectar ran down her pussy and into her mouth, she saw Lando’s shaft pull out of Mara’s pussy. Seconds later, Leia felt something big and hard prod at her tight snatch.

    “Amen to that honey… I choose DO!!!!” Lando yelled out before slamming his cock, balls deep into Leia’s pussy in a single thrust.

    “AHHHHHHHH!” Leia screamed out in pain as she nearly blacked out from pain. The only reason she was able to remain conscious was due to the fact that Mara had been steadily licking her pussy wet for the past twenty minutes. There was just enough lubrication and stimulation to allow her to keep from passing out as Lando started thrusting in and out of her even harder than he had done with Mara. Within a few minutes both Lando and Leia were groaning out in pleasure, with both of them ready to blow a massive load.

    “I’M CUMMING!” Leia and Lando shouted simultaneously before Lando quickly pulled out of her spasm-stricken pussy and shot his big load of hot sticky cum all over Mara’s slightly surprised face. After snapping out of her surprise, Mara opened her mouth and did her best to swallow as much of Lando’s hot cum as possible.

    “YESSSS!” Lando grunted as he couldn’t help but paste Mara’s pretty face and Leia’s wet pussy with his sticky seed. His dream of fucking both the sexy Jedi women at once was finally realized as he shot one last load into Mara’s mouth and slumped backwards onto his back, completely exhausted and satisfied.

    “A deal’s a deal ladies.” Lando mumbled as he got back onto his feet and got dressed. While Mara and Leia cleaned themselves up and got dressed, Lando revealed to them a shocking amount of information about the slave ring and all the top bosses involved in setting up the ring and building the state-of-the-art space station they were now occupying. True to his word and knowing he could never keep the two women as his slaves for very long before they actually learned his true identity or escaped his clutches, Lando removed their restrictive bracelets and let them leave his ship, free of charge.

    While Mara and Leia started the final phase of their plan to break the slave ring and put an end to the criminal enterprises taking place on the space station, Lando buttoned up his ship and took off with neither Mara nor Leia ever knowing who had bought them, fucked them and released them to do his dirty work.

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