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    I awoke to the sound of birds chirping and laughter outside. What time of the day it was I didn’t know. For a few seconds I didn’t even know where I was. All I knew was that I was well rested and deep down, happy. I looked around the room I was in. A medium sized room in a wooden summer house. That’s right. It all came back to me. I’ve always loved that feeling you get in the morning. That brief moment where you don’t know where you are or what is going on. That feeling was almost instantly drowned with my own knowledge. This is Shayla’s room…

    Shayla, my cousin, a few years older than me. A long-time family member and very close friend of mine. We used to always hang out when we were younger. Even in the last few years we used to keep in touch. We were very open with each other about our lives. We trusted each other fully. But last night, I had slept with her. I had slept with my cousin.

    I instantly snapped my head sideways. Shayla was gone. Panic set in quite quickly. Shayla was probably out now telling our family’s what had happened. I pictured her, teary eyed, explaining the whole thing, her face showing the same disgust that the rest of our families would be showing. And I would have to walk out and face them all. Sit down and listen to them shun me for this incestuous act. Fear began to grip me. There was no way out. My family would never look at me the same again. I jumped out of bed, ready to run. Where? Anywhere. I grabbed my clothes and walked briskly to the door. I stepped on something which crumpled under my foot. A note….


    We need to talk about this. You know that. Your parents along with everyone else are going on a hike so they won’t find you here. I told them that you went out for an early morning jog. I’ll be back by twelve and then I really hope that we could talk.


    I felt both relieved and afraid. I was off the hook. But I dreaded facing Shayla after last night. One of my closest companions now felt like a stranger to me. I checked my phone. Eleven forty five.

    “Shit”, I cursed and Ran back to my own cabin. My brother was nowhere to be seen. I was relieved. Facing his questions about where I was last night was the last thing I wanted. I moved into the shower. The feeling of warm water on my body helped me to calm down a little, if only for a moment. I got out and changed into fresh boxer briefs and jean shorts and threw on a T-shirt.

    I left the cabin shortly afterwards. It was another hot sunny day. I walked over to the pool in between the two mountain cabins and dipped my feet. The water was cold. It felt good. I lay back, ready to have a nap under the sun.

    “Tom”, I have never jumped as high as I did at that moment. I shot around and there stood Shayla, looking down at me with a look of uncertainty. She looked more beautiful than ever, dressed in a tight fitting yellow sun dress that emphasized her rack and ran down no further than mid-thigh. It was hard for me to believe that last night, she had been mine.

    “Are you ready?” she asked me. Her face was serious and stern. I gulped a little.

    “Y..Yes”, I replied shortly. She held out a hand which I took and helped myself up. Silently we both walked towards the forest. I didn’t know what to say. It was a horrible feeling. I couldn’t even work up the courage to look at her. We both walked in unison for the good of half an hour without speaking, heading up a windy trail in the mountain. We passed a number of people. What I would give to be any one of them right now. We passed the stream from the day before. I noted the spot where we had fallen down the ridge together. It had seemed quite harmless at the time. But it was just one of the events which had led me to this moment.

    Shayla didn’t seem to know where she wanted to go, nor did I. We were just walking for the sake of walking, daring each other to speak.

    Eventually, I gave in. We had reached an opening. A grassy hill looking down on the valley below. The stream from before could be seen in the distance, now a larger river. It looked glorious. Too bad I couldn’t appreciate it.

    I bumped into Shayla. She had stopped walking. I looked up at her. She just stood there, staring down at the valley. I really wanted to know what was going through her mind.

    She spoke

    “How are you feeling?”

    What kind of question was that? I thought for a moment. Was this a trick? What answer was she looking for? I decided instead to just speak my mind.

    “Shayla, I feel great. Last night felt right. I know you don’t think the same. I know it’s fucked up. I know if we were found out our families would never want to talk to us again. But I love you so much. I always have as a cousin. You know that. But I know there is more love there.”

    Shayla stayed silent for a moment. She turned and faced me. Her face had a very caring and yet confused expression. I was proud enough of my answer.

    “Last night was good for me too Tom. I’m not going to deny it. But you know this is wrong. We have been close since we were only little kids. I’ve always looked out for you. We used to be called batman and Robin by your Dad we were that close”

    I recalled this. I had loved that as a kid but for the last 10 years had hated being called Robin.

    Shayla continued

    “If anyone found out, it would be me who would be hated. And rightfully. I should be setting an example for you, like back in the old days. I’ve let you down Tom whether you believe it or not. I really have.”

    Her eyes were beginning to tear up. I don’t know what I was thinking at this point that made me do what I did but with no explanation, I moved in suddenly and tried to kiss her. She recoiled and slapped me hard on the face. I looked at her in horror. Her expression reflected my own.

    “I’m so sorry”, she said quickly. Her voice quivered. I could tell she was about to cry. I hugged her tightly.

    “Shayla, this is my fault. I’ve been an asshole. You can’t blame yourself just because you are older than me. I’m a grown boy. I knew what I was doing. I knew of the consequences. It took two of us to do what we did. And I know of the dangers, the complications and the bad morals that revolve around what we did. But the last thing I want is to lose you over this. I love you so much. Not just as a cousin. As a friend too.”

    Shayla smiled. This made me feel confident.

    “I understand that you never want to come near me again. That you see last night as the biggest mistake of your life. But I saw it as the best night of mine. I spent it with the person I care most about in my life”

    Shayla remained silent for some time. Then she spoke.

    “What you just said means a lot to me. It really does. Deep down I knew you would say something like this. It’s what I needed. You really are an amazing person”

    Shayla looked relaxed now. She sat down on the grass and returned to looking out at the valley. I became suddenly aware of the sound of a nearby stream. I wandered over to it and dipped my feet in. It was very shallow. Laughter could be heard further up the stream and the occasional person could be made out amongst the trees. pornpov I looked back at Shayla. She was still staring out over the valley. My eyes fell to her figure. Her sun dress barely covered her upper thighs in her position. Her rack was pointing up at the sky as Shayla leant back, deep in thought. I recalled seeing that body the night before, bouncing up and down on me, writhing against me. My cock began to stir in my pants.

    I continued to stare at her for some time, fantasizing about the night before. Shayla suddenly turned her head and saw my stare, my hand on my crotch. Her expression turned to a mix of anger and anxiety.

    “Tom! STOP!” she shouted, standing up and turning.

    “Shayla wait”, I called after her but she marched up the trail into the trees. I sat quietly, ashamed of myself a little. I was driving my cousin away from me. Something moved out from a bush on the other side of the small stream. Two young teenage boys stared at me with grins on their faces. A girl came running out after them looking frantic.

    “Caught you!” she cheered triumphantly at the boys, who didn’t seem to care. “Who’s this?” she asked her attention now turning to me.

    “I don’t know. But I think his girlfriend just broke up with him”, said one of the boys.

    “Yea. She looked really mad”, said the second.

    “Oh”, the girl replied. “Sorry to hear. Come on guys. You have to help me catch the others now”. She turned and scurried into the forest.

    “Later doofus”, the first boy called and ran off. The second turned to follow but stopped for a moment to throw a pinecone at me. I hurled abuse at him along with another pinecone but he was gone.

    I sat here for some time, deep in thought. I needed to fix this. I needed to make things go back to normal. Eventually, I decided to go and look for Shayla. She couldn’t have gone that far. I ran in the same direction she had taken. After a while I came to a turn and could see a steep path going far up by the stream to another clearing. At the very top was Shayla, talking to a woman. I began running up the slope. It was incredibly tiring. In reality it was probably about 500 meters but it seemed to me like miles. As I reached the halfway point, Shayla and the woman’s conversation ended and Shayla disappeared around the corner. I groaned but continued to pant and wheeze as I jogged the hill. The woman passed me and smiled.

    “Nearly there”, she winked. I retuned the smile and kept pushing. I reached the top and turned the corner. The trees stopped momentarily and there was a big pool of water, surrounded by smaller pools and small flower beds. There were people of all ages splashing around in the water. I saw Shayla sitting with her legs in the water of a smaller pool on the far side. I continued running around the water’s edge to where she was sitting, passing a group of people having a water balloon fight. I had an apology ready in my head but as I reached her my legs gave in. She looked shocked as I came crashing down inches from her. I looked up, too out of breath to say any words and instead held out a tulip I had been lying on. Shayla looked at the flower and then at my face and burst out laughing.

    “Oh Tom”, she chuckled, staring at the pathetic sight in front of her. I regained my breath and spoke.

    “I’m really sorry about earlier. I haven’t made this situation any easier. But I can’t help the way I feel about you. But I’d rather keep you as my friend lose you over something so wrong”

    Shayla’s face went soft. I felt kind of lame saying such a cliché thing and it felt even worse when Shayla wasn’t the first person to respond.

    “Awww, he’s begging his girlfriend to take him back”. The boys from earlier were in the water nearby. In fact they had been there the whole time having the water balloon fight and I hadn’t noticed. Shayla looked at me confused as I let out a groan.

    “Not these little pricks again”, I grunted.

    “He looked like he was going to cry when you dumped him earlier”, continued the boy. They both started laughing.

    Shayla looked at my red face. I felt stupid being mocked in front of her, especially by much younger kids. I tried to laugh it off which just made me look even more awkward and small. Shayla acknowledged this and squeezed my hand. I looked at her. She held a confident stare and smirked ever so slightly at me. She then turned to the boys and looked questioningly at them.

    “What do you mean “dumped”?”, she quizzed. Her voice sounded different than normal. Slightly mischievous. “I didn’t dump him. Why would I?”

    I looked at Shayla surprised. She continued: “I was angry at him for spending too much on my present”, Shayla now turned to me. Her expression as serious as she could hold it. “Happy anniversary hun”, she said and kissed me deeply. I could hear the boys gasp as her tongue met my own and her arms slid around my neck. It was heaven for me. Just as I began to return the kiss she broke away quickly. We both looked at the boys whose mouths were wide open. I returned my gaze to Shayla. She eventually turned back to me. She looked worried, as if she had made a big mistake. Almost as if she was worried that she had just brought back some feelings from the night before. I intended to continue this process. Moving in towards her for another go, I reached out, putting my hand on her bare leg. Our faces were inches apart.


    A water balloon collided with the side of my head. Shayla jumped back in surprise as another water bomb flew by.

    “You little shits!” I shouted angrily. They had ruined a great moment. Shayla however was half laughing while she avoided the missiles.

    “Come on Tom. Run”, she called as she turned and ran along the water’s edge. I followed her quickly, still kind of annoyed but also delighted to be having fun with Shayla again. Another water balloon came hurtling passed my head and burst on my cousins leg. She let out a small scream and continued laughing as I caught up with her. I turned around just in time to catch a water bomb headed for my chest. It was a miracle it didn’t burst. I returned fire and nailed one of the boys right between the eyes. He began coughing and spluttering but didn’t let up. We reached the slope I had climbed previously and saw that the pools joined forming the stream here; bending it’s way along the mountain. It meant we were sort of cornered, unless we wanted to clamber into bushes. We stood with our backs to the water and faced the boys. They stopped near us, the boy I hit still rubbing his eyes and drying his face. The other held the bag of water balloons ready.

    “Let’s jump”, I muttered to Shayla.

    “What?” she asked in surprise. “You want to avoid getting soaked by jumping into a stream instead. That makes a lot of sense…”

    “I’d rather escape these little assholes than give them the satisfaction”, I retorted.

    “I’m not going in there in this”, whispered Shayla shortly.

    The boy suddenly swung his arms back, readying his throw. They pivoted and came flying forward sending multiple water balloons towards us.

    “Come on”, I shouted, already hurtling backwards towards the water. I landed in it with a soft splash and surfaced, only to see a yellow blur of my cousin crash down beside me. The water balloons flew overhead and burst on the other side of the stream. We floated away fast with the current as the boys watched, defeated. I flipped them off as we went around the corner.

    We drifted fast along with the flow of the winding stream, laughing hard at what had happened. We could hear shouting growing feint and occasionally picking up again whenever the stream wound back toward the path down the hill.

    “They don’t give up”, Shayla said excitedly.

    “There’s no way they can keep up for long”. I replied as the boys appeared a little way back through a clearing. More balloons came hurtling down the slope but fell short of us. I was suddenly aware at how much I was enjoying myself. For the first time since my feelings for Shayla had surfaced, I was having light hearted innocent fun with my cousin again.

    Eventually, the stream moved away from that trail altogether, leaving myself and Shayla drifting in silence amongst the trees. We held hands to stop us getting separated. I began to notice how near see through her sundress was now that she was soaking wet. I felt myself stirring down below as these thoughts took over my mind once again. I had to control it…. But why?

    The further we went down, the faster the stream was getting. We linked arms and after a while I slid my hand around Shayla’s waist to hold her near me

    “We should stop. This is going too far Tom”, Shayla said after a moment.

    I was geared up to start apologizing when she pulled us towards the bank. Of course, she had meant the stream. We were already quite close to our cabins again. We crawled out up the bank and onto a small patch of grass amongst thick bushes. We sprawled out on the ground for a minute, catching our breath. Then, slowly, Shayla stood up, her arms wrapped around herself. It was chilly now that we were soaked to the bone. Her wet dress clung to her curves, leaving little to the imagination. All I could picture was her naked glistening body underneath. My breathing grew shallow. She turned to me.

    “Can you turn around while I get rid of some of this water?” I nodded silently. Shayla held my gaze for a moment. We both knew what I was thinking. I turned admiring the lovely view of the bushes…

    I heard Shayla ringing out her dress behind me. It took all my willpower not to turn and look at her probably naked body behind me. My cock stood rock hard in my wet jean shorts, thinking of the beauty standing right behind me.

    I felt a finger tap my shoulder

    “I’m done. Thanks”

    I turned. She was back in her dress again. She was still quite wet but it was an improvement. I casually pulled off my T-shirt and started squeezing it out. It would be useless to try and dry the denim shorts here. I glanced up and saw Shayla in front of me, looking at my body and then me with a mixed expression. I wasn’t sure what the big deal was. She’d seen my body before. I’m in decent shape. Was she remembering images from last night? Her gaze went from my chest to my crotch, lingered a moment and then rested on my eyes. She looked like a puppy. I looked down and realization hit me. My hard on couldn’t have been more clearly outlined against the material of my shorts. I was on full display to her.

    “I can explain… The kiss earlier.. I…” I spluttered

    “I know”, she said quietly her face now looking longingly at me. She took a step forward and before I knew it she was kissing me passionately.

    Her warm wet body pushed hard against me and my hands grabbed her hips tight as our lips parted and tongues began to dance. One of her hands held the side of my face to hers. The other rested on my damp chest and slowly slid down my abdominal area and towards my shorts where my manhood was standing hard and proud. Her fingers walked along it until my shaft was in her grasp with only the material separating her fingers from it. Our kiss broke and she looked at me unsurely. I smiled back at her and we locked lips again, my hands now sliding down over her ass and just below where her dress ended. I slide them back up again, carrying her dress with her, my hands brushing off her still damp panties. Before I could go any further, Shayla brought me down and onto my back, crawling on top of me. She gave me a look of uncontrollable lust and started kiss my chest, slowly working her way down to my pants. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Shayla’s fingers unbuttoned my fly. I lifted myself up and slightly as he pulled down my shorts and briefs. My rock hard cock sprung out. Shayla’s eyes widened and she looked at me one last time before her hand wrapped around the base and her tongue tipped the head.

    My heart was pounding as Shayla slowly licked around the head of my cock, stroking it as she went. She was driving me crazy. Every now and then her eyes would go back to my face, making sure I was ok. I just kept returning her glances with the only expression I could give her. A look of sheer pleasure. I was moaning quietly as my cock was played with.

    “Oh god. This feels so good!” I panted. Shayla smirked as she went, letting out a slow sexy moan as she performed. Slowly, her lips kissed the end and parted as she began to engulf me. One of her hands began to play with my balls as my shaft started to disappear in her mouth. The sensation of those perfect lips sliding down my wet cock was unbearable. Eventually, she managed to get to the end and held it there for a while. I reached out and stroked her hair admiringly. Her head came back up just a little short of the top and her eyes met mine again. She looked like a kid in a candy store. She let me loose momentarily and smacked her lips before her head bobbed back down the full length again. This time she didn’t stop and soon she was pumping my cock in and out of her mouth. I threw my head back in ecstasy as my hot cousin worked me over. She continued this for some time, but I knew I wouldn’t last long at this rate. I couldn’t believe this was happening after the conversation we had had earlier.

    I was about to close my eyes and enjoy the feeling of Shayla’s lips when I saw sudden movement beside us. One of the boys with the water balloons appeared in a small clearing. He saw the sight before him and his eyes widened in shock as he watched Shayla, her sundress still raised above her ass with her tight matching yellow panties on show. He mouthed a “wow” and the water balloon fell from his hand with a soft thud on the grass. His eyes then made contact with mine. I smirked at him and then winked, turned on at the fact that we were being watched, and he had no idea she was my cousin. After a few moments, a distant call suggested the other boy was approaching and the first guy disappeared. I focused my attention back on Shayla who was still bobbing up and down on me, fully unaware of what had just happened. I was about to explode and I wondered should I tell Shayla. I decided to say nothing. Shayla let out a loud moan and picked up the pace and next thing I knew, I was groaning as my orgasm erupted into her mouth. Shayla didn’t stop. She kept working my shaft furiously until every drop of cum was gone and then she let go, gasping for air, now smiling proudly at her work reflected on my satisfied face.

    Neither of us spoke for some time. Shayla sat back and regained her breath, watching my cock slowly deflate. I could tell she was thinking about what she had just done. That unsure look was returning to her face as she wiped her mouth a little. Before I could let her regret anything I pulled up my shorts, stood up and took her by the hand.

    “That was wonderful cuz. You were wonderful”, I said confidently. Shayla gave me a warm smile.

    “It was Tom. I’m sorry if I shocked you with that. I just saw your cock and had these urges. The same urges from last night.”

    “After that you never have to apologize to me for anything again”, I laughed.

    We decided it was time we headed back to the cabins. We strolled down the mountain trails, drying in the afternoon sun until we reached the clearing where our two cabins sat. Most of the family were back and sitting about or in the pool. We were greeted and sat down to lunch. Shayla and I didn’t talk much throughout but every now and then our eyes would meet and we’d give each other a slight smirk or a wink. There were a couple of times, when Shayla was sure nobody was watching, that she sexily licked her lips or made a kissing motion at me.

    After lunch, Laura and Mark soaked half the table by canon balling into the pool. Myself and Alex decided to get payback and jumped in after them, wrestling with them. Being older and bigger than them, we easily beat them. As we messed about in the pool, most of the others cleared up and went about their business. Just as Laura was climbing on top of me, her legs wrapped around my waist, Shayla strolled over to the pool side.

    “Careful he doesn’t pin you against the side of the pool”, Shayla said with a sly smile at me. I knew she was referring to the events of last night, and although Laura would never get it, I was still nervous and paranoid. An image of me and Laura embracing against the pool flashed in my head. I shuddered uncomfortably. Shayla could tell I felt awkward and decided to have more fun with it.

    “If you want to beat him Laura, you’ll need to go between the legs”, she laughed.

    I hoped to god Laura took that as her saying to hit me in the balls and nothing else. Laura looked at me a little quizzically. I panicked, thinking she was sensing something between me and Shayla. Her hazel eyes locked on mine. Then, in a quick flash, her fist went flying down and I recoiled in pain as it connected with my balls. I let her drop and bundled up in the water, coughing as Laura and Shayla stood laughing.

    “Sorry cuz, I couldn’t resist”, chuckled Laura, climbing out of the pool and skipping away.

    Shayla leant in close so Mark and her own brother, Alex couldn’t hear as they continued throwing each other around.

    “Maybe I know a way to make them feel better. Tonight when everyone’s asleep?” she asked, looking seriously at me.

    “Wouldn’t miss it for the world”, I wheezed. Shayla smiled and walked off.

    I hung about with my cousins for the rest of the day. When night came, I waited until about 1am before making any move. It had been a long day so everyone went to sleep early enough. I slipped on a pair of basketball shorts and crept passed my brother and out of our room. I tip toed out of the cabin and along the dirt towards the other, shrouded by darkness. I carefully turned the door handle. It clicked and popped open. Shayla had unlocked it. Like a ninja I moved slowly and carefully along the corridor. Above me, I could hear one of my Uncles snoring away. I passed a couple of occupied rooms and reached Shayla’s door. I hesitated for a moment, my heart pounding from a mix of taboo excitement, and the nervousness of being with Shayla again. I tapped lightly on the door.

    “Who is it?” the quiet murmur came from inside.

    “It’s Tom”, I whispered back through the door.

    “Come in”, she replied quickly.

    I twisted the handle and pushed the door open and my jaw dropped at the sight before me.

    Shayla was lying across her bed, her head propped up on her hand. She was wearing tight black lingerie which left little to imagine. Her ass was barely covered, her boobs bulging against the lace corset. She had the sexiest smile on her dark face. Her blonde hair was tied up all except for her bangs.

    “Close the door and lock it. I’m all yours”, she purred.

    I did as I was told but couldn’t move from the spot. I couldn’t believe it was possible but she looked more incredible than ever. Shayla saw that I was paralysed and got up off of the bed, slowly putting one foot in front of another, her hips swaying as she approached me. She pressed herself hard against me and I fell back against the door. Moving her lips along my neck, she teased me while her hand stroked my bare chest.

    “Come on Tom, don’t you want to fuck your cousin?” she whispered and this drove me over the edge. I grabbed her hips and began to pull her into me but Shayla quickly spun me around and shoved me towards the bed. Caught off guard, I stumbled backwards and landed on the soft mattress. I heard Shayla chuckle and just as I lifted my head to look at her I saw the goddess leap through the air and land on top of me, pinning me down.

    “Shayla, what has gotten into you?” I half laughed, still a bit shocked at her behaviour.

    “If we’re going to do this, I want you to really enjoy me cuz”, she replied back, that sexy smile returning to her face. She began to slowly grind her hips up and down on my groin. I lay still, enjoying the sensation of her against my already stiff manhood as she rocked back and forth in the cowgirl position.

    “Your cock feels so good”, Shayla moaned quietly. “Your making me so wet”.

    She picked up the pace as her breathing became light and fast. I sat up; wanting to be closer to her and Shayla wrapped an arm around my neck. Next thing I knew, she had buried my face between her breasts, all the while grinding her hips against me. I kissed around her cleavage, savouring the aroma of my sweet cousin. She saw that I was enjoying myself too much and stopped before clambering off me. I regained my confidence and crawled up the bed after her long perfect legs. She turned on the spot, kneeling now, her big brown eyes looking at me innocently.

    “What do you want to do to me?” she asked, her voice suddenly sounded childish and sweet.

    “I want to explore your body from head to toe”, I answered, leaning in and giving her a deep kiss. We held this for a minute and then Shayla pulled back.

    “Explore away Tom”, Shayla whispered. She stood up on the bed and undid the back of her corset. Her breasts bounced free as the lacy item fell to the ground. She turned on the spot, bending over as she pulled down the matching black laced panties. She threw them at me, catching me straight in the face. As they dropped from me, Shayla walked along the soft material until she was right in front of me. With one foot on my chest, she pushed me back down into a lying position. All I could do was submit to the beauty standing above me. She held my gaze with a mysterious look. I wanted her so bad and she knew it. Without warning she took a step forward before falling to her knees on either side of my face. Her moist pussy was mere inches away from me. Its scent was amazing. “Explore away”, Shayla repeated, her tone now full of excitement.

    I didn’t need telling twice. I buried my nose into her, taking it all in before I let my tongue dart along her pussy lips for the first time. Shayla just watched me lovingly as I enjoyed my front row ticket to the show. I had never eaten out a girl before so wasn’t fully sure of what I was doing. I alternated between burying my tongue deep into her opening and lightly flicking it around her clit. Whatever it was I was doing, it was working.

    Shayla moaned up above as my tongue danced around her clit. One of her hands massaged her left breast as the other played with my hair, every now and then tightening as she clenched with pleasure. This carried on for a while. Shayla occasionally through her head back with her eyes closed before returning her gaze to me below. It aroused me so much to see my cousin looking down at me with a look of pure sexual fulfilment on her face as her firm boobs bounced proudly with every movement.

    “Oh God yes Tom!” she moaned. She was starting to get louder. Right now I didn’t care. Our families could all walk in and I wouldn’t stop eating my cousin out. I my tongue worked faster and faster on her and Shayla began to wiggle her ass around as the pleasure overcame her. I reached my arms up, stroking them up her hips and along her smooth body before reaching the side of her boobs. Shayla grabbed my hands with hers and held them tightly as she began to buck violently. Her orgasm was on the verge of erupting.

    “OH FUCK YES TOM.. YES.. YEESSS!” she hissed as her juices flowed and her body became rigid. Her knees tightened on my head to the point of it hurting a little as she spazmed on top of me. This lasted about 7 seconds and then Shayla fell back onto the bed, gasping for her breath. I knelt up and crawled towards her. My cock was sore from getting no attention through all this. Shayla watched me coming for her and her sexy smile returned despite her heavy breathing, her breasts rising and falling with each breath.

    I crawled over and leant in to kiss her. Like some sort of cat woman, she slipped down along the bed under me. I turned my head to see where she was going butt could only see her long legs protruding up between my own. I was suddenly hit by an overwhelming sensation as Shayla’s lips and tongue wrapped around my cock below. I looked down and saw her smiling up at me as she began to deep throat me. She was a pro at this. I began to thrust my hips into her until I was essentially face fucking her. It felt amazing but was short lived when Shayla retracted for air. She flipped me over onto my back and crawled up me. There was absolutely no doubt who was in control here and it in no way bothered me. In fact it was the hottest thing I’d ever seen.

    This time, she kissed me long and hard as her hand reached down and stroked my cock. We made out for a moment before I grabbed my cousin’s ass hard and guided it towards my member. Shayla didn’t resist and slowly her opening took the length of my shaft.

    “Make love to me Tom”, Shayla moaned seductively as she lifted her arms and ran her hands through her golden hair, letting it loose to fall down. She rocked her hips slowly and my cock went with her. I sat up as we slowly fucked and started to suck on one of her nipples. This drove her crazy and she began to bounce up and down on me. I met her with each bounce by bucking my hips up. Shayla’s soft straight hair flowed down over her face and onto my head as I continued to lick her breasts. She continued riding me in rhythm for quite some time, occasionally pulling my face up from her boobs by my chin so that she could suck on my tongue momentarily. While one hand held onto her rocking ass, my other moved down between us to her pussy once again. I massaged her clit in between our thrusts and soon Shayla was going wild.

    Just before I felt she was going to climax again, I decided to pull one more surprise on her. Without pulling out of her, I flipped us around so we were at the beds edge, and I stood up as Shayla wrapped her legs around me. I was about the same size as her and found it easy enough to carry her around me. Shayla smiled at me, impressed by what I was doing, but she didn’t let up. She used my neck and shoulders to swing herself into each thrust against me. I supported her by clutching her ass, aiding her in her motions, successfully keeping my balance throughout.

    “Mmmm you’re so big and strong. Where are you taking me?” she panted heavily, never taking her eyes off mine as we continued to bang.

    “I want you against the wall”, I breathed back as I walked towards it.

    “I hope it’s sturdy”, she whimpered as we thrust into each other harder and faster, our faces mirroring each other’s on-going pleasure.

    I pinned her up against the wall with her legs wrapped around my lower back and Shayla let go of my neck, throwing her arms up against the wall, enjoying the feeling of being fully reliant on me. Her boobs glistened in a thin layer of our sweat as they bounced up and down. I was in full control now. I gripped her ass cheeks tightly and began fucking her harder than before. Shayla continued to moan and talk dirty to me. She said things I would never have expected her to say. It wasn’t like her. She sounded like a porn star and she could tell I enjoyed it. I threw in a few comments myself which enhanced the intensity. I was surprised the wall didn’t collapse with the ferocity at which me and Shayla were fucking.

    “Oh baby, I’m nearly there”, she cried as I pounded into her with what little energy I had left. Being honest, I had spent the last 5 minutes with her up against the wall thinking of anything I could to help me from blowing my load. I never wanted this to end.

    “Cum in me Tom baby. I want your cum inside me”, she moaned. This sent me over the edge. My cock started spasming and wads of my seed began to fire deep into my cousin. The change of motion down below hit Shayla hard and her body took over. Her legs stuck out straight as she climaxed and her body shook violently. Her mouth was open wide but no sound made it out. After some time I felt her relax and her arms draped around my neck as her head rested forward against my chest. We held this position in silence, apart from our heavy breathing, for some time. Eventually, Shayla’s legs came down to the floor and I moved back as she slid off my cock. I fell backwards onto the bed, fully spent. Shayla collapsed beside me with one arm over my stomach. 3 minutes passed before Shayla lifted her head again. She saw my still stiff cock standing to attention, covered in her juices and my cum. She crawled over and took it in her mouth once more, polishing it off. I quietly watched her, smiling lovingly at her. When she was finished she just lay on top of me, her head on my heart listening to it beat.

    Here in any romantic movie is where we would fall asleep in each other’s arms. But that came later. We fucked in the bed once more, this time slower and calmer, and our strength nearly gone. Despite this it was just as fantastic. Following this we climbed under the covers, set an alarm for early and kissed each other to sleep without saying very much.

    I had seen a new side to my sweet loving cousin tonight. One I definitely could get used to.

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